Electrician for customers in London

London Elite Trades features elite electricians that are certified and licensed in working with residential and commercial electrical systems. The electricians can deal with small to large installations that cover both domestic and commercial jobs. Due to its high-quality service, you will find a seamless procedure, which ensures a safe service.

The electricians who are assigned to each project discuss the installation work to the clients so they can understand the entire procedure. Most of the time, clients would not meddle on the project because they have no idea of the electrical works. Yet, the electricians in London Elite Trades don’t follow the same path. Instead, they involve you in the entire process so you can clearly see how safe is the installation. More information on London elite trades electrics on the site londonelitetrades.co.uk.


The electrical services include office refurbishments, fit-outs, office design, lighting systems, plumbing and electrical, carpentry, painting and decoration, carpeting and tiling, flooring, bricklaying and structural.

The electricians

The electricians of London Elite Trades have completed an apprenticeship program. The program requires each aspiring electricians to complete four years of school learning and 144 hours  of classroom training. Each aspiring electricians have attended 2,000 hours of on-the-job training. So, if you’re hiring the electricians at the London Elite Trades, you’re guaranteed to hire a professional and licensed electrician.

Every type of electricians has acquired different types of licenses while some are affiliated with other associations. If you’re hiring an electrician, you ask them if they acquired their Electrotechnical Certification Scheme card. You can also ask them if they passed several tests such as Design and Verification of Electrical Installations and Test and Inspection of Electrical Installations. Some associations that they can be affiliated are the National Electrical Contractors Association, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers and the Associated Builders and Contractors.

You can also ask the ElectricSafe Register if you want to know if the electrician is registered.

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