What Are the Differences between A Residential Lawn Mower and the Best Zero Turn Mower for the Money?


Residential lawns and gardens are not created equal; they come in varied sizes and shapes. They can also come not just as a flat surface but may contain some rugged terrain or hilly parts. They maycontain certain structures and features that make each of this area uniquely different. If you are more curious about coppafeel garden.


Comparing residential lawn mowers with best zero turn mower are as follows:

  • Size and features- residential mowers have smaller structures with only one or two features compared with zero turn mowers that contain many features in a bigger size machine.
  •  Quality- residential mowers since these are just meant to tackle smaller areas and not being constantly used, these are made of lighter materials while the motors are of a lower horsepower. The best zero turn mower for the money has sturdier materials, with a motor that has a higher capacity. The construction of this zero mower is also from quality material that can cope long hours of work
  • Price the residential mower are cheaper considering that what it contains are lesser in quality too and less expensive at that.
  • It is made for the purpose of coping loads in different surfaces and can endure climbing hilly terrains and rugged surfaces.
  • It has many features like different adjustments in the cut, making the results more like professionally maintained lawns. It can even be at par with golf courses lawns and other sport used areas. In addition it comes with a riding feature that eases up the work. 

Some more features are grass collection system, complex mulching while there are some that are made as self-propelled easing the way to operate them.


Both residential and zero turn mower can do the maintenance of your lawn but are made based on the need it was meant to function. That is the reason for the many differences that they have. So, you must look at your needs first before ever considering any of the two. From there, you can accurately gauge what will be the ideal mower that’s right for you and your lawn.

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