Unsecured Business Loans: Why get this from Excel Capital Management


Business owners generally find themselves in a sticky position on the first 2 years of operation. This is a known fact that the startup cost and investment is taking the bulk of their funds while the business is still trying to establish customers often shows negative cash flow and low profit results. With that no bank would approve of a business loan for them. With no collateral to back them up and are still low on credit scores, what alternative could be open for them? That is where unsecured business loans come into play. Learn more about excel cap management on excelcapmanagement.

What are unsecured business loans? 

This particular type of loan does not require personal guarantees or collateral from the lender. Funding is approved within 24 hours upon application. That is how excel capital management unsecured business loan is all about. They give funding to your business in order for it to move forward particularly during times of expansion or just in times when your business is traversing in difficult watershelping your business to stay afloat when cash is very essential.

Understanding how this loan works

This loan ranges from ten thousand to 2 M US dollars contingent on the business cash flow being underwritten. The amount depends on the following:

  1. Average Monthly bank balance
  2. Business Credit Score
  3. Annual Revenue

How are the loanable amount computed? 

The amount will range between 75% -150% of the average gross monthly sales for the previous3 months before the loan application. In case of a $50,000 average the business will be qualified to get $37,500 to $75,000 with term from 6-18 months.


From the business owner’s standpoint, this loan is a totally secure type for your business since what is pledge here are not your personal possession rather it is just limiting its security on the future sales from the business, nothing more.

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